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ACT & SAT Information


The ACT is a college entrance exam that some colleges require in order to be admitted.  Students are encouraged to register online. The registration deadline is usually a little more than a month before the test.  You should apply before the registration deadline to avoid paying any late fees.  When registering, it is encouraged to sign up for the writing portion of the test at least once.

The SAT is another test that some colleges may require for admittance to their school.  Again, it is encouraged to register early to make sure you have secured your seat for test day. Students are encouraged to register online.

*Please note that some schools require that your test score be sent directly from the testing agency. When registering for these tests, you are given the option to have your score sent to a couple schools for free.  You are encouraged to take advantage of this to avoid fees later.

Test Preparation

One of the best sources to prepare for the exams is the website you register for the test on.  There are many useful tools to help you prepare yourself for the test day, ranging from sample test questions to sample tests.

Video Tips for the ACT

Test Prep for Multiple Standardized Tests

NOTE: These resources are not endorsed by Green High School, but are simply guides to test prep tools 

Practice Tests & Resources: